Pomeranian Puppy Raising

How I Raise Poms

By: Keen Pomeranians

The following is some information on how I raise my Poms. 

I am one of the few people in my breed that I know of who work to not use a whole pile of toxic or excessive chemicals. I have dealt with allergies in my life time, so I am very picky about what goes on, or in my furry ones. People often do not stop to think! What is really in that bag of food, or of snacks? What is in that box has the ability to kill, harm, or help your pet. This includes food, flea treatment, wormer, and vaccines. Currently on the market, even pushed at times, are flea treatments that have killed many dogs. I have methods and brands that I have found the safest, and will recommend what I have found to be the best options available.

Do you crate train? 

A) No, I do not “crate-train” pups because I have seen too many people do it all wrong. That scares me. Instead, I use play-pens for sleeping in, or when I can’t be right there to protect and oversee my little ones. I find the Iris pens very adaptable. 

What do you do to socialize and train your pups? 

A)My babies are very well socialized and temperament tested. I use Nina Ottosson’s interactive toys when the babies are old enough, in addition to all sorts of different toys, sights, textures, and sounds as they grow up. Each puppy will experience what use to be called “six by six”, meaning six sounds, sights, and textures by the age of 6-8 weeks. Since my little ones are in my home they know what a vacuum cleaner sounds like, what noises can come from a dishwasher, all sorts of normal sounds, smells and noises, and they love music and are accustom to smelling coffee brewing! 

What about shots, fleas and stuff? 

A) Of course! All my babies are kept current with immunizations, wormer and flea and tick prevention. 

Litter box trained, or how do you train your pups? 

A) My babies are washable pee-pad trained. That is more “green” and removes the risk of them getting lead poisoning, or eating plastic off a cheap disposable pee-pad, which can cause operations or even be lethal. It’s very easy to keep them using their washable pee-pads, or to train them to go do their “business” outside. 

Do you ship? 

A) In November of 2013 USA wide law changes ended shipping for non-commercial breeders. We do NOTship. We will arrange to meet with you in person. If the meeting distance is outside of our normal area(s) a travel fee will be required via PayPal prior to our meeting with you. 

What do you offer in the way of support? 

A) I give each new owner life-time support whenever they need me. We offer a 1-5 year genetic health guarantee. NuVet with this code is required to keep the health warranty for babies from us. READ this link to understand WHY! You can get it from me directly when you pick up your baby, or you can order by clicking NuVet, or calling 800-474-7044 and use code #21074. This stuff works wonders and we never plan to be with out it again, nor do we want any of our babies with out it either! Ask me any questions you have about this product and it is ok not not be shy when doing so!!! 

What will help you help us pick out the right Pom, and what about breeding “rights”? 

A) Please feel free to ask questions, and please share with us if you’ve had Poms before and anything that will help us to know who is the right match for you and yours. My babies are normally placed in pet homes. That means that they are not released with breeding rights, and papers are provided after I have vet proof of spay or neuter. I have found that most people just want a good, healthy, well raised pet, and I am able to put that special baby into their lives. Please note that if you are looking for a breeding Pom from me, I have restrictions on who is allowed to have breeding rights from my line. These requirements have been called “strict” but you are still welcome to ask for the question form in case you qualify. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

A) Accepted Payment methods are as follows: Cash.PayPal when a deposit is needed. Square if there is no other option. Checks of any kind are not accepted. Any fees associated with PayPal or Square are added to the balance due and are payable at the time you pick up your baby. All my Poms are placed with a contract. I will email you a copy of my contract for you to preview and ask any questions you might have. Deposits are Non-Refundable and Non-transferable. Keen Pomeraians reserves the right to refuse service at anytime. 

This should cover most of the main questions regarding how I raise my Pom babies. If you have more, or other questions, I’m only an e-mail or text away. Carol 🙂