Pomeranian Puppies

Hi Everyone! 

I’m having so many requests that I can’t keep this page updated like I would like to. I found a way to fix that. E-mail me at keenpomeranians@gmail.com to find out what puppies are available, or will be available later. Include a cell phone number if at all possible. I’ll send you a brief form to fill out, so that I can keep you updated, and send photos or film clips. If you already know what you are looking for, please let me know. 

Yes, we have “exotic colors”. 

Possible colors are as follows: Cream or White, Blue Merle, Black and Tan, Black, Parti with or without Merle, Red/Orange/Cream Sable, Blue, Chocolate with or with-out Merle, and sometimes we have Tri. 

We have worked very hard to have genetic combinations with the widest range of colors in a small group, so there can be other colors as well. Sometimes the combination that has the color someone wants requires a Mom who is on break. In that case we can discuss adding you to our waiting list. 

READ the How I Raise Poms and Deposit Informationpage to find answers to the most common rearing questions I am asked. This page is VERY important for you to read! 

You can follow us on Pintrest by clicking here: Keen Pomeranians

On occasion I have an adult Pom or two available for re-homing. Sometimes I know about other ones who are waiting for a new home. These sweet Poms have affordable placement fees. Adult Poms have everything a Pom puppy has! Grown Poms are still cute and playful. They have some up-sides as they do not go through any puppy uglies, they are through teething, and so forth. They are also already completely or partial house-broken. If your interested in an adult, please ask me if I have any, or know of any. 

I have always been a question asker, so don’t be shy to ask us questions. We will do everything we can to work with you. We are also able to add you to an upcoming/waiting list in case the baby that is just right for you isn’t born or ready to go to a new home yet. 

Past Puppies = Our other beautiful babies from prior litters!