Keen Pomeranians is a dream come true for me!

We are all so blessed by our adorable and beautiful Pomeranian puppies!

We are a small hobby breeder of exotic colors in the Pomeranian breed. What that means is that our colors include: whites, merles, parti, merle parti, cream, beaver, blue, chocolate, black and tan, or tri color. Our merles frequently have double blue eyes. We also get orange or orange sable, from time to time. Our adults are AKC or from AKC lines. It's fun, for us to work with trying to have the biggest range of colors, in a fewer number of dogs. Also, we are working on DNA verified wolf sables!

We do have what gets called teddy bear faces. Ours are a bit more Baby Doll faced. Please see the page on Pomeranian faces on our site for more information on that. We have a few of the classic Pomeranian fox-type faces as well.

Quite often have people ask about what is typically called a teacup, toy, tiny, miniature, or micro Pomeranian. More information about these sizes of Poms can be found inside our web site under the "Info" button. APRI registration is available in some cases as it has been so often requested.

Welcome and feel free to browse our site, and I hope you enjoy your visit with us!

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Pet Pom is a large amazing site devoted to Pomeranian breed. I am extremely honored and pleased to be the breeder that was chosen for Mississippi. I moved back home to "sweet home"Alabama where you will find me thrilled to be listed under Alabama on their site. Due to other circumstances, we now range between the two states. Check it out for more about Pomeranian Dogs!

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